Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve just booked my band for the most epic event ever. What happens now?2020-11-05T09:48:48+10:00

The best decision you’ve made yet!!! You’ve paid a $250 deposit and I will send you an invoice for the remaining amount which will be due 60 days prior to your event. About a month out from the big day, I will give you a buzz to go through all the finer details for your event. The band leader will also touch base to make sure that you are happy and alleviate any concerns. You will, of course, have contact details for both The Music Co. and the band, so you can contact us whenever you need.

I don’t want to leave my details on your site but would like to book something amazing. Can I do this?2020-11-05T09:48:19+10:00

Of course you can! Just call me or send me an email at bookings@themusicco.me. I’m very happy to go old school if that is what you prefer.

What if I want to cancel a booking?2020-11-05T10:43:46+10:00

As long as you cancel more than 60 days before the event you will get a full refund, including your initial deposit. Sometimes life happens within 60 days of an event, and if there are extenuating circumstances we can be very reasonable with our cancellation fee being returned. However, if the event is cancelled for reasons beyond mitigating, then you will be obliged to pay the full amount. Check out our Ts&Cs for more info on this.

How many hours can I book the band for?2020-11-05T10:10:20+10:00

Traditionally a band is happy to work for up to 5 hours and will happily work around whatever schedule you have. Underneath that super fancy exterior they are actually human beings, so they will require breaks, and a meal would be expected as well. Some clients like to book for more hours. This is fine but will incur an overtime fee. It is considered normal for a band to turn up one to two hours before they begin to play to set up and sound check. If for whatever reason you are already in the space, I would recommend requesting them to set up earlier than that. This may also incur a small fee, but trust me, it’s worth it. There is nothing worse than a band setting up while everybody’s already in the room. It’s a bit of a buzz kill.

What if my venue won’t let us have a band?2020-11-05T10:10:26+10:00

Your venue really wants you to have an amazing time at your event. There may be restrictions on what kind of live entertainment you can have. There may be decibel limits or specific finish times at the venue. The place might be teeny tiny. Trust me, I’m not going to recommend a seven-piece band if the site isn’t appropriate. I will try my best to find something that suits both you and the venue. It’s my job to make sure you are both happy.

How much will it cost?2020-11-05T10:11:26+10:00

Here is a bit of a guide:

You can expect to pay between $700 and $2000 + GST for a soloist, a duo or a DJ.

Between $2000 and $3000 + GST for a trio or a quartet.

You can expect to pay $3000 plus for a larger format.

Obviously, the well-known original artists have a price tag to match their popularity, but they are also open to performing at private events, so if you have your heart set on someone, let me know!

Everything is negotiable, and if you have a vision but you’re worried it won’t fit in your budget, still ask me.  A band may say no… but they just might say yes! It’s in an artist’s DNA to keep you happy so they are always ‘tweaking’ things to make their show perfect for you.

Can we get a refund if we don’t like the band?2020-11-05T10:12:16+10:00

Bands try really really hard to make sure that you’re happy with what they do. They can’t help it – they desperately want you to love them! But there may be a situation where someone may not be thrilled. A mother-in-law prefers polkas, or a colleague was in a band in his college days and thinks he could do better, or the kids think death metal and Kanye West are the only two musical genres. It doesn’t count for a refund. As long as the band has been punctual, presentable, has committed to and fulfilled their performance obligations for the evening within the limitations set by the venue, then they are entitled to their fee.

What if I don’t like any of the bands you’ve offered?2020-11-05T10:13:30+10:00

That’s totally cool. I will keep throwing suggestions at you until one fits! Be aware that I will always try and work within the parameters of your venue, your event, and your budget.

I’m a massive fan of the saxophone or the banjo or the French horn. Can I make a special request to have that included in the band?2020-11-05T10:14:14+10:00

Well, of course you’re a fan of the banjo! It’s, like, the coolest instrument ever. Feel free to ask any extra questions you have (there is an opportunity to do this in the survey). I will be happy to try my best to fulfil your request.

What if I don’t actually want a band? What if I want a tap dancing act or a mermaid that plays the harp?2020-11-05T10:14:46+10:00

Oh, that’s totally normal too. I know those people. In fact I’m a close personal friend with the mermaid.

What if I want to book a few different things?2020-11-05T10:15:28+10:00

That’s actually completely normal. Lots of clients will want a string quartet at the start of the day for an hour and then maybe an acoustic soloist for an hour or so. Some events then like to have a really cool floorshow and sometimes following all of this is a party band to get people on the dance floor. These are all pretty normal things and the survey should help you answer a few of the requests. You can always call or email me as well!

My event is a long way away. In sand. And doesn’t have power. Can you still do it?2020-11-05T10:16:05+10:00

Well, yes, we love long-distance powerless sand gigs! Seriously though, there will be some restrictions on what you can book if you have some quirky aspects. But battery-powered PA systems are totally a thing, and as long as we know in advance we can organise a hire stage and include it in the quote in order to protect the musicians instruments etc.

Speaking of PA (production and audio), is that my job or yours?2020-11-05T10:19:40+10:00

Most of the time the band is happy to supply their own production. Sometimes at larger events, the venue will supply production for the whole thing at which point the band liaises with the venue and sort it all out so you don’t have to. You will need a PA for speeches. There is often an in-house system at venues that is suitable for this. But if you do need the band PA there may be a small fee.

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